Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend wrap-up

Man, I was hoping to update this over the weekend, since I had a glorious three days off... oh well.

I had a really marvelous weekend.

Friday: Went to the theatre/film showing sponsored by FPAC on Friday night with Kurt and Emily--that was fun.

Saturday: Met up with Becky at 10:30 a.m. to go hear her mom, Jane Sutton, read from her children's book, The Trouble with Cauliflower, at BookEnds in Winchester. Took Becky out for a belated birthday lunch in Lexington. Stopped home for a bit and painted. Went over to Danielle's with Laureen, Allison, Dagny, and Danielle's roommate, Rene, where we ate way too much food and watched Love Actually. We had originally attempted to have a "Putting the Sin Back in Single" party at her house, but there wasn't much sinning going on, unfortunately, unless you count gluttony. But it was really laid back and fun, which is exactly what I wanted for the evening.

Sunday: Volunteered at the Franklin Park Zoo for a couple of hours. Met Mayeti for a bit--fell on the ice for the first time this year. (Thought I'd make it through the winter unscathed, but alas.) Went to Central Sq. for a bit.

Monday: Met Kurt at Achilles, where he took photos of my paintings (yay!) and we drank really strong coffee. Michael from Achilles told me he plans to buy three of my paintings (the "Three of Many Stages" series) and that his business partner plans to buy "Red/Purple" and "Purple/Red." I will really miss the latter two, but money to make NEW paintings is always good. Had lunch at Channel Cafe with Kurt, and we checked out the exhibition there now (Brian Bresnahan and Tim Murdoch--a must-see for the mirrors alone). Went to see Gran Torino with Laureen--didn't cry but came close. I loved it. Met up with Kurt and Mayeti later.

Awesome weekend! I was sad to get up at 6:30 today and kept hitting the snooze.

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