Friday, February 13, 2009

Slacking. Sort of.

Wow, it's only week 3 of my new blog, and already I'm slacking. Well, I'm slacking in regards to my blog, but I have certainly NOT been slacking in all of the other aspects of my life.

Like my new job.

I like my new job. It pays much better, I'm working with friends, and the work is challenging and therefore interesting. However, it's the kind of job where I'm so busy that I literally find myself thinking, "I can wait another half hour to get up and use the bathroom..." It's a lot of editing, formatting, proofing, which means I'm glued to the computer for pretty much the entire day. The masochistic/workaholic side of me LOVES this--thrives on it, actually. So I can safely say that I'm happy with the new job.

However, all this actual *work* leaves me little time to do the things I used to do during the day, such as sending my Facebook friends virtual cupcakes, stalking ex-high school friends (although I don't do much of that anymore), and, of course, updating my wonderful new blog.

I do plan to write SOMEthing interesting in here this weekend, though, and perhaps I will post a photo or two of the new painting I'm working on.

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  1. haha. this cracked me up. i'm so glad you like your new job though!!