Thursday, January 29, 2009

Virgin post.

So I've decided to create a blog. Again. Those who know me know how obsessed I am with the Internet, Facebook, and social networking sites of all sorts. I'm also slightly narcissistic and yet extremely self-critical, and I generally feel that sharing my feelings and thoughts via an online portal is helpful and somewhat necessary for my well-being. So this is my new blog.

I started my new job on Tuesday this week. The commute is much farther--to get to my previous job, I walked. I always enjoyed the walk--exiting the North End, past Christopher Columbus Park and the Aquarium, past the supremely elegant Boston Harbor Hotel with their stuffy doormen and limousine ladies, and over the bridge near the Barking Crab--and it only took 15 minutes, not long enough to be annoying but long enough for at least three songs on my iPod. I usually set my alarm for 7:30, hit the snooze at least four times, and got up a little past 8. As long as I left my house before 9, I could get there between 9 and 9:30.

Alas, the commute to my new job is not as short or sweet. In order to catch the 8:15 bus to Lexington from Alewife, I need to rise at 6:30 (6:40 at the latest), leave my house by 7:25, hop on the T at Haymarket, switch to the red line at Park St., and take that to Alewife. I have made the bus for the past three days, but on my way to Alewife I am constantly worried that the T will break down, stop unexpectedly, etc., and I will miss the bus. I am trying to "let go and let God," but it's hard for me. For my whole life up till now, I have enjoyed worrying, relished it, and it's hard to let that habit die.

The job itself seems great. The people are friendly, my workspace is nice, and there are free snacks and coffee in the kitchen. (Hurray!) I'm flying to Bethesda on Monday morning at 7 am (which will require me to get up at the ungodly hour of 4:30 am *gasp*) for a week of training. I will enjoy the perks (free hotel and meals), and it will be great to meet the people I'll be working with, but change of any sort terrifies me, so I am naturally anxious. Again, I'm doing my best to let go and let God. But doing so goes against every natural instinct I have. Progress, not perfection, however.


  1. yay! i'm glad to hear about your new job! and excited to see you in bethesda!

  2. I know, I can't WAIT to see you!! It's been SO long, it's ridiculous. Let me know which night(s) work for you.

  3. Free snacks?? What kind? I would gain 20 (more) pounds!

  4. Oatmeal, granola bars, yogurt, popcorn, Doritos, Cheetos, ramen. YUM

  5. Doritos and Cheetos are my weakness. I really would gain 20 pounds if I worked there.